Simple Steps to a Great Site

Simple Steps to a Great Site

Things to Note while Building a Website

  • 1) There are plenty of resources and templates available online, so utilizing them is the best way to create stunning websites.

  • 2) It's better to start the project with what you already know.

  • 3) There are thousands of programming languages and frameworks available to build websites, including no-code platforms. Utilizing these frameworks and no-code platforms will reduce the time in major scenarios.

  • 4) Not all no-code platforms are subpar; some of them are gems.

  • 5) It's better to have a Figma file or any prototype of the website that you are building. This will surely reduce the time of building the website and give you an exact idea and correct content alignment for the website.

Here is a website I built last Sunday:

It's a website for an application (just a demo). The website is created using Next.js with TypeScript and designed using Tailwind CSS.

Website Link:

What are your go-to resources for building websites? Share your thoughts below! 👇